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20+ Years of Expertise

For more than 20 years, TDH Groundworks has proudly provided an extensive spectrum of groundwork solutions to both commercial and residential clients. Our journey is defined by experience, knowledge, and a passion for ensuring that every project we undertake meets and exceeds expectations.

Your Trusted Partner

At TDH Groundworks, we understand the importance of trust and reliability. We’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner for countless clients in and around Telford, Shropshire, by consistently delivering top-notch services. Our commitment to quality and precision is the bedrock upon which we have built our reputation.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Our expertise spans a wide array of services, ensuring that we can meet your diverse needs. From laying the groundwork for your dream project to addressing urgent drainage repairs, TDH Groundworks is your go-to solution. Our services include:

  • Foundations: We specialize in all aspects of foundation work, providing a strong base for your construction projects.
  • Drainage: Our drainage solutions are designed to efficiently manage water and prevent flooding, offering peace of mind.
  • Car Park & Footpaths: We create durable, well-designed car parks and footpaths that enhance accessibility.
  • Demolition: Our professional demolition services ensure safe and efficient site clearing when needed.
  • Emergency Drainage Repairs: We’re ready to respond swiftly to drainage emergencies, providing reliable solutions.
  • Resin Driveways: Both commercial and residential clients can benefit from our high-quality resin driveways.
  • Underground Gas Tank Excavation: We have the expertise to excavate underground gas tanks safely and efficiently.
  • Retaining Walls / Brickwork: Our skilled team can construct sturdy retaining walls and exceptional brickwork.
  • Earthworks: We handle earthmoving with precision and efficiency, shaping the landscape as needed.
  • Paving: Our paving services offer both functional and aesthetic enhancements to your property.
  • Land Drainage: Effective land drainage systems are essential for managing water and maintaining your property’s integrity.
  • Attenuation Tanks: We install attenuation tanks for effective stormwater management.
  • Septic Tanks: Our septic tank services ensure proper wastewater treatment and management.
  • Service Trenches / Cables: We excavate and lay service trenches and cables for utilities.
  • Water / Gas: Our experienced team is skilled in working with water and gas infrastructure.
  • Ground Clearance: We clear your site efficiently, making it ready for your project.
  • Site Strip Out: We provide professional site strip-out services, preparing the site for new developments.
  • Mini Grab Hire: Our mini grab hire services offer convenience and efficiency for waste removal.

Your Local Choice

TDH Groundworks is deeply rooted in the local community of Telford, Shropshire. We take pride in being your local choice for all things groundwork. Our commitment to the highest standards, coupled with our wealth of experience, ensures that every project is executed with precision, professionalism, and an unwavering dedication to your satisfaction.

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Are you in need of reliable and expert groundwork services in Telford, Shropshire? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with TDH Groundworks. We look forward to discussing your project and providing the exceptional service that has made us a trusted name in the industry. Your vision, our expertise—let’s build it together.

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